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Month: April 2015

How to set up automatic blog content

You’ll need Google Docs installed on your iPhone or smart phone as well as on your computer. Login to each account then open a blank Google doc on your iPhone.

Push the microphone button on your keyboard and begin to speak as you normally would. You can even speak the punctuation as you want it to appear!!

This is how the article you were reading has been written. Then you simply go to your computer copy the information from your Google doc and pasted into your blog. Instant contact boom!

No more paying that outsource dude in India two bucks an article. You can write it on the bus you could write it in the waiting room you could write some content at a red light or while you’re going through the car wash.  I do it all the time. Enjoy!

Amazon same day delivery!

That’s right Amazon recently applied to the FCC to use drones in there ultra fast same day delivery plan. I’m on Amazon prime and I regularly order items to be shipped the next day even on a Saturday or Sunday.

How awesome would it be to place an order on Amazon at noon and have it arrive the same day in just a few hours. Probably you’d have to be within that drones flying distance from an Amazon distribution center like San Antonio Texas.

I’m not sure what the range is on those things or how fast they could fly or how big a package I could carry. I’m really not sure how they know they delivering it to the right person unless they get some sort of retinal scan as they drop The package off into your hands. What’s to stop people from stealing the drone.

Of Course theyll probably bill your credit card or account if the drone goes am I a on a delivery attempt to your address. They’re obviously going to be GPS tracked. Anyway hopefully it all plays out and Amazon can deliver my new go Pro camera because everybody else sells them for so expensive this way I won’t have to drive anywhere with gas prices and all.

Wifi for your Whole Home

There’s a lot of really cool products coming out on the market right now on how to wirelessly connect devices in your home.

You can remotely lock and unlock your door. You can control your lighting.

You can control your thermostat. You can set up an indoor or outdoor wireless camera and view it from anywhere in the world.

What will they think of next.