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Google Remains The Top Engine

The rate at which Google has expanded, especially in recent years, has been almost unbelievable. In fact, the scope of this expansion and the amount of technological fields that Google currently has monopoly over has raised concerns in many over Google becoming a ‘big brother’ of sorts, knowing everything about everyone.

While the criticism that Google perhaps has too much power and ability to influence everyday lives of people has its grounds, especially considering Google is a private company, we shouldn’t forget the positive impact the giant has had on the world.

Why Google should continue having an important role in our lives
Without Google, all of our lives would likely be dozens of times more difficult, depending on how much we utilize the internet and its benefits. The fact of the matter is that many ubiquitous free tools at everyone’s disposal like Google Maps or an all-powerful search engine wouldn’t exist without Google’s constant hard work and innovation. In my mind, this justifies the large control Google can be argued to have over us.

When you combine the fact that the company has thus far been accused of close to zero foul play with the amount of innovations they are currently working on that could change the world for the better, like nanotechnology and similar „Google X“ projects, it’s hard not to let Google have everything they need in order to improve our lives.

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