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Satellite Internet – Next Phase of Connectivity

The days of cable internet might be coming to a halt as satellite internet becomes more and more popular, and innovations in the field continue happening. Currently, the technology still isn’t where we would like it to be as fiber-optic communication is still preferred in most areas of the world, but this could change in the coming years.

How well does satellite internet currently function

Indeed, satellite internet might be the future for several reasons, despite not yet having reached its prime. Currently, the biggest drawback of satellite internet might be considered nagging latency issues due to the way data is transmitted back and forth. In spite of this, many internet service providers are already offering this type of internet to their customers, with many of them reporting a service of sufficient quality.

Satellite internet will improve people’s lives if we give it time

Needless to say, this technology could greatly improve the quality of life in certain areas of the world where internet is not as fast as it should be, or is even potentially unavailable. Many aren’t aware of how far satellite technology has progressed in recent times, and further advancements are likely to place this type of internet connection shoulder to shoulder with fiber.

Still, satellite internet will need all the advancements it can get in order to compete with regular fiber and especially the emerging Google Fiber, both of which seem hard to dethrone in areas where they are readily available.

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