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Android Vs iOS

Users of smartphones and similar mobile devices who aren’t using Apple’s devices are almost certainly using some version of the Android operating system. For the longest time, Android has been just about the only alternative for anyone not making use of Apple’s highly touted iOS.

Which users will lean towards Android

Android devices are generally reserved for those who consider themselves a bit more tech-savvy. While they are somewhat easy to use for beginners and those new to mobile devices, the operating system allows for many different customizations depending on the user’s preferences, something that the iOS might be lacking at times.

The issues that this operating system should fix

This, however, comes at a certain price as Android devices don’t really run as smoothly as those running Apple’s OS. Despite the fact that Android is being developed by Google, Apple remains the undisputed mobile king for most and it shows in their exceptionally smooth-running technology, rarely freezing or crashing in any way.

While Android offers its users a wide array of options for tinkering, one can only hope that some of its underlying issues will be resolved in the future, creating a platform of an even higher quality that can truly hope to compete with what Apple brings to the table.

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